Handling all this sh*t

It’s been a really trying few weeks. I’ve been on the verge of tears multiple times, trying to keep my shit together for one reason or another. I’ve got to give my husband and parents credit too. My husband has been holding a lot on his shoulders, and my parents have helped co-parent when I [...]

Bikini Bod No More

We’re about halfway through summer, but still many weeks of pool parties and outdoor events until Savannah cools down at the end of September. And I’m still struggling with my post-baby body, even though my baby is a full-blown toddler. I even asked my OBGYN a few weeks ago about how to lose the “pouch” [...]

Carried by Daddy’s Feet

As Father’s Day approaches, I wanted to remember that his whole parenting thing is a partnership. I write about me and my own parenting highs and lows, but it’s not always about me (though my lovely hubs would beg to defer). With Ainsley being our first and only, and her being 17 months old, we’re [...]