A Case of Mom Guilt

Before I became a mother, I envied the moms who had a life outside of their children because I thought that’s what I wanted. I’d have a baby, but also work full time and have my social life (albeit much slower than before), as well as work out and get my “me-time.” And after switching [...]

Finding Your Mom Tribe

OK, so now Ainsley’s in this world and I hate breastfeeding (but I know it’s awesome for her). Writing that post about breastfeeding was cathartic and personal. The love I felt from my breastfeeding post goes is the perfect segway into this one – the importance of your mom tribe.  If you don’t have a [...]

Chick’s Arrival

I don’t really know how to intro this. This is my birth story – my first and only child. It’s emotional for me, just like every woman probably gets emotional about their birth stories. I know woman who have had “easy” labors and really shitty and difficult ones. I know women who miscarried early in [...]

Eviction Date

So here we are. Blog post #2. I've been writing this story for many months now, but I'll start from the beginning. Thanks in advance for reading this, and any post from here on out. ... You know what's super annoying - everyone giving advice to pregnant women, everyone. The UPS delivery man, the co-worker [...]

Write what you know

I’ve wanted to start a blog since forever, but never knew what to write about. People say, “Write what you know,” but I didn’t think anyone wanted to read about my fairly uneventful life. Insert baby here. I got pregnant in April 2015, and life started to get eventful in the best way possible. Our [...]